Services & Rates
Service   (Per Day)                            Rate (1 dog)         Rate (2 dogs)          

15 - 20 minute Weekday Walks                       
/day Walk                                            $12.00                  $20.00                    
/day Walk                                            $24.00                  $35.00

15-20 minute Weekend Walks                   
Per dog/per visit                                    $20.00

Potty Breaks
Per Visit                                                  $8.00                    $16.00

Overnight Boarding**                     
Flat Rate                                                 $
65.00                  $100.00

Service   (Per Day)                            Rate (Unlimited # of Cats)

20 Minute Visits        
1x Visit                                                     $15.00

Cats & Dogs
Service   (Per Night)                         Rate (Unlimited # of Pets)

"Overnight In-Home Pet Sitting"***
Flat Rate                                                 $60.00                 $90.00            


**  "Overnight Boarding" allows you to drop your dog off at our home for the weekend or
Holiday.  Only
small, non-aggressive dogs qualify for this service.  Please note: Your dog
will be in the company of our non-aggressive pups.

***  "Overnight In-Home Pet Sitting" brings us to your home for overnight visits.  This
service is perfect for the client who is going away on vacation or business. Your pet gets to
stay in a comfortable and familiar setting and you get the piece of mind knowing that both
your pet and your home are being looked after by someone you can trust. The sitting starts
at 5:30 PM and ends between 8:00 AM and 9:00AM the following morning. This visit includes
two walks (for dogs, the first walk in the early evening and the second walk in the morning),
feedings, administration of needed medications, play and cuddle time, and of course lots of
love and affection.