Client Comments

"I have been using Gentle Leaders for about two years now, and Zoe
is absolutely in love with them. What started out as simply dog
walking has evolved into Zoe staying with them when I go away on ski
trips, or somewhere that I cannot (unfortunately) bring her with me.
Honestly I couldn’t imagine leaving her with anyone else, let alone a
kennel. Zoe is a yellow lab, and she is really like my kid - with that
said, I feel completely confident recommending Gentle Leaders
services over that of any other company - they give personalized
attention, and sincerely care about all of the dogs that they walk.
Gentle Leaders dependability and level of service are next to
impossible to find elsewhere."
- Zoey's Mom

"This dog walking/pet sitting service is so fantastic I almost want to
keep it to myself.  But, for the good of the dogs and the working
owners that love them I will give it up.  Rates are very reasonable and
they are so accommodating, reliable and responsible.  They provide
personalized, attentive care, which is great if you have a pooch with
particular pet peeves (forgive the pun, but admire my clever
alliteration).  My pug Freddie totally digs them, the dog walkers, not
the puns."
- Freddie's Mom

"I am one of those crazy  "dog people", everyone knows the type...
rearranging my schedule for the pups, talking in a baby voice to the
pups, etc etc.  So self admittedly I had gone through a few dog
walkers in my quest for the best for the hounds.  Gentle Leaders were
the solution to all my dog walking problems.  Always on time,
thorough walks, a witty note, the whole package.  I could gush for
hours about the service, but it basically boils down to reliable,
attentive, thorough service which Gentle Leaders always delivers."
Murphy & Sally's Mom

"I couldn’t ask for a more friendly, reliable, conscientious and
affectionate dog walking service than Gentle Leaders. They are a
perfect match for our needs. What also eased my mind was that they
always pay wonderful attention to the dog’s behavior and notify me
daily of how he behaved and what happened on his walks. I can only
recommend Gentle Leaders to anyone who is looking for a reliable
and a caring dog walker."
- Duke's Mom

"After having our puppy lost by our first dog walker we were hesitant to
have just anyone come into our house and take her out. Rich and Phil
at Gentle Leaders are great. We always know we can count on them
at the last minute or on a regular basis to care for our pup. Not only is
she just let out to pee in the backyard she is played with and cuddled
too. They love and treat our dog just like their own. We are so happy
to finally have found a trustworthy and reliable dog walking company."

- Mochie's Mom